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"My granddaughter is my own good, and from what you say, it seems that we are all perfect." Wen Po seldom heard her grandmother analyze their sisters in this way, and she never thought that she was such a person in her grandmother's mind.

"My granddaughter is my own good, and from what you say, it seems that we are all perfect." Wen Po seldom heard her grandmother analyze their sisters in this way, and she never thought that she was such a person in her grandmother's mind. Granny's eyes are not blind, and her heart is very clear. Your greatest shortcoming is that you are not good at family affairs. In Granny's generation, this is a heinous crime, but in your generation, this is not a big deal. Zhuo Zhuanfeng patted Wenpo's hand, "Great, ask a housekeeper to help!" "But.." But Uncle Kuang didn't think so! "Wen Po looked at her own hands in frustration." Simple things always become complicated and difficult in my hands. " "Don't bother, Kuang Zhipeng will always find your advantages, and I heard that he is eager to open up the trade market in the Middle East recently, then you will not be able to show what you have learned." Zhuo Zhuanfeng told her granddaughter that she had just got the news and wanted to give her confidence. Really? That's great 。” Wen Po finally swept away the haze on his face and smiled. Has it been long enough to leave Hook in Rourou? Be careful that Hook ignores you. 。” Zhuo Zhuanfeng said with a smile, "haven't you been to see Hook this time?" "No." Wen Po pouted,Magnesium Sulphate price, "I miss it so much!"! If it wasn't for Uncle Kuang this time. I brought Hook back early. I think Wenjie should like animals very much. Then go and see Hook! Take it to Kuang's house tomorrow. I don't think Kuang Zhipeng would object either. Yes. Zhuo Zhuanfeng's eyes flashed a light of mischief. OK! Since we have to accept the test. "I have to make myself happy, too." Wen Po stood up and took off her apron and handed it to her grandmother. "Today is Sunday. Second Sister should be at home." "Go!"! Rourou must be waiting for you. 。” Zhuo Zhuanfeng took the apron and said, "Drive carefully." "I will, Grandma. Bye." Seeing her granddaughter happily stepping away, Zhuo Zhuanfeng immediately picked up the phone and pressed a string of numbers, "Xiao Po will arrive at Zhipeng's house tomorrow,Magnesium Oxide MgO, and you will go there tomorrow, right?" “……” "Well, then you can take care of Xiao Po, and then we can help them prepare for the wedding together." Zhuo Zhuanfeng's smile kept expanding on her face. "It's all on our mind." “……” "Well, that's settled. Goodbye." Zhuo Zhuanfeng hung up the phone and said in her heart, "My child, grandma can only help you here. At least, Hook can help you find some fun." At this time, Zhuo Zhuanfeng's smile also contained a trace of malice, as if he was satisfied with his own arrangements and the possible results. FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 "Xiaopo, Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, I thought you were missing!" Wenrou opened the door and saw her sister. She said it was a lie that she was not surprised. She seemed to have another kind of amorous feelings. Hi, second sister. After Wenpo and Wenrou said hello, they danced into Wenrou's house like dancing. Po, you.. You've changed! "Wen Rou looked at her sister carefully and said this." "Second Sister, I am still me!" Wen Po followed the eyes of Second Sister Wen Rou and looked at herself. Nope! Nope ! Nope ! You've really changed. "Wenrou's three noes represent her sense of reality and her disbelief." If you say so, I can't change. Wenpo shrugged his shoulders niftily and sat down on the sofa, looking around for traces of his dog. "Eh!"! Where's Hook? ?” "I'm looking for a girlfriend." Seeing that Wenpo had no reaction, Wenrou's eyes seemed to brighten and she said again, "I'm looking for a girlfriend." "I have heard it, why repeat it again?" Wen Po asked in puzzlement. Don't you have anything to say? "Wenrou's voice is tight, and her eyes are staring at her sister." Very good! Is that all right? "Wen Po finally found that Wen Rou's eyes were not right." Are you angry? " Thinking of Wenpo's confused nature, maybe last time she said the wrong sex of Hook, which made her a big embarrassment, and it didn't seem to be a big deal, Wenrou had to sigh, thinking that since she was her own sister, she had to be more tolerant. "Second sister, are you angry?" Wenrou said in silence, and Wenpo asked again. It's all right. Hook and the pirates will be back later. You'll see then. Wenrou thought it was interesting that Wenjing had deliberately bought another Malaise dog to pair with Hook. Pirate? Is that the name of a dog? "Wen Po just heard the name and thought it was very interesting." Yes, Wen Jing bought it specially. If you take Hook back, I'm afraid the two of them will be lovesick. Wen Rou smiled. "Then how to do?" Wen Po thought to be separated from the dog, the tears immediately flow down. Xiao Po, don't cry! As long as you don't get bored. Then take the pirates back with you. Wenrou was most reluctant to let her sister cry. OK Only then did Wen Po smile through tears. You just said you had changed. Why do you suddenly look like a little girl who can't grow up and cry at every turn? Wenrou looked fondly at her sister, who was two years younger than her, and found that her hands were full of scars, "What's going on?"? I know from the newspaper that you have been back in China for at least a week. It's weird not to come to Hook. Why are there so many wounds on his hands? Don't tell me. You went to do hard labor! "There is no drudgery, just learning to do housework." Wen Po stuck out his tongue and said shyly. Learn to do housework? "Wenrou was frightened again." Why? Who forced it? ?” "Second Sister, I volunteered." Wenpo knew her simple explanation, and could not convince Wenrou, she had to say her agreement with Kuang Zhipeng, "in order to gamble on this tone, but also to prove that I am not only a bright appearance, I had to practice first!" "Are you,calcium ammonium nitrate price, that Kuang Wenjie really so important to you?" Wenrou had just finished speaking, and an impossible thought flashed into her mind. She immediately shook her head and said: "Impossible, impossible!" Of course it's possible! Wenjie is really important to me. And I have decided that he is the only companion in my life. stargrace-magnesite.com

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