Star Marriage of Rebirth [Entertainment Circle]

"My granddaughter is my own good, and from what you say, it seems that we are all perfect." Wen Po seldom heard her grandmother analyze their sisters in this way, and she never thought that she was such a person in her grandmother's mind.

Chu Yan raised his eyebrows slightly surprised, pressed the answer button of the communicator, and in an instant, the holographic projection of a fat middle-aged man appeared in the room. See the bearer, Chu Yan eyes a turn, the heart has thought of countless kinds of words. The light-colored pupil reflected the bright light of holographic projection, and the full lips turned up. Chu Yan said calmly, "Brother Zhao, is there any notice that I can go recently?"? This period of time I also figured out that I did something wrong in the past, I am still young, do not want to end like this. The voice is low and pleasant to listen to, the posture is neither humble nor arrogant, even in the words of apology, the young man is like a superior sitting in the frost, with a kind of elegant and reserved noble spirit and graceful and indifferent temperament. This made the broker suddenly stupefied. After a moment, he looked strange and said, "Well, Chu Yan, you come to the company first.". Here Ahem, I have something to discuss with you here. The broker did not hide the meaning at all, Chu Yan at a glance then found the other side between the look of guilt and dodge. His eyes narrowed, and then he asked with a seemingly calm smile, "Brother Zhao, is there anything wrong?"? I can go to the company directly. Do you need anything? After a pause, Qingting frowned slightly. Chu Yan asked in a low voice,calcium nitrate sol, "Did my behavior in the past make the company angry?" The broker had known Chu Yan for half a year, but he had never seen the boy so frowning. Originally Chu Yan is handsome and beautiful enough, before the temperament of the cold time can also let people not pay attention to, now suddenly made a look of loss and worry, suddenly let the broker stunned. Subconsciously, the broker said: "This is really not your problem, I am not good, I am not good!"! Chu Yan, if you have a bad time after the termination of the contract,Magnesium Oxide price, you can also come to me, we have known each other for so long, I will try to help you introduce. His eyes suddenly opened wide, Chu Yan's heart missed a beat, and two big characters echoed one hundred and eighty times in his mind. "Solution!"! About Chapter 2 Early the next morning, Chu Yan went directly to the company. Huaxing Entertainment Co., Ltd., where the original owner is located, is one of the many entertainment companies in China, specializing in the entertainment industry, and has many artists who have made their debut in talent shows. These artists are not expensive, but often do not have much experience, so Huaxing will spend time to train them. The development level of Huaxia's entertainment industry is in the leading position in the whole galaxy. There are thousands of registered entertainment companies in China, not to mention the studios set up by artists or agents themselves. China Star in this four-digit entertainment company, can only be regarded as the middle, after all, the company's first brother, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,Magnesium Oxide price, first sister are just ordinary first-line stars, and even faintly there is a danger of falling off the first line. And Chu Yan in these stars is unremarkable, in addition to a face, there is no place to attract others. Especially the original owner's temperament is too gloomy and cold, bangs are very long, a pair of eyes hidden behind the hair, staring at people's scalp tingling, but also people do not want to pay attention to this teenager. This time, however, Chu Yan had to ask about his broker's office. Do you know what it feels like when a handsome young man suddenly stands in front of you and talks to you in a gentle way? Aya at the front desk of Huaxing Company was stunned. After a moment, she showed the way to the other party with a red face and told him which room Zhao's broker's office was in. Thank you After a low and elegant thanks, Chu Yan turned and walked in the direction of the elevator. Behind him, Aya looked at it carefully for a long time, then poked the arm of her companion next to her and asked excitedly in a low voice, "Hey, Awen, that man looked familiar just now. He was really good-looking.". When did our company sign such a new person? I don't even know which room the broker's office is in. The voice drifted away behind him, Chu Yan entered the elevator, pressed the button on the 21st floor directly, and soon found his broker's office-also can not find, after all, Chu Yan just out of the elevator door, he saw a fat figure standing outside a door, has been anxiously looking up at the elevator here. Zhao Lian, the agent of the original owner, is a fat man with a height of 170cm and a weight of 190. He looks ordinary, but he has a good character. Otherwise, if he changes to a grumpy person, he would be so angry that he would want to kick the original owner directly and let the man who eats rice leave early. When Zhao Lian saw Chu Yan, he was stunned for a moment. Then he came over and asked, "Why did you go from the elevator?"? This thing has not been used for hundreds of years, next time let the driver park directly on the 21st floor, don't bother so much. The voice suddenly stopped. Zhao Lian's face changed, as if he had suddenly remembered something. Finally, he sighed and said, "But there may be no'next time 'in the future." As if to change the subject, Zhao Lian asked as he walked, "When did you cut your hair?"? It looks much better this way. Chu Yan did not interrupt when the other side talked about the "termination of the contract". In this prosperous world of entertainment, a newcomer who wants to break into the entertainment industry single-handedly is undoubtedly hitting a stone with an egg, and the success rate is quite low. No matter what considerations the company wants to terminate the contract with the original owner, Chu Yan does not agree or approve of this matter, so his purpose today is to continue to stay. I thought the bangs were a little long, so I cut my hair by the way. When he said this, the teenager raised his lips with a smile, and a brilliant smile appeared on his face. Chu Yan's appearance is absolutely delicate, slender eyes, thick eyelashes, high nose, skin is also quite white. If this kind of appearance is the kind of gloomy appearance in the past, it looks as cold as a vampire. But now, Zhao Lian felt stunned in his heart, as if there was a small drum in his heart. Why is it that the hair is a little short, but it seems to be very different? Last night in the holographic call, although Zhao Lian saw the change of Chu Yan, but did not look very carefully. But this time,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, he witnessed the change of this teenager, like a beautiful jade whisk, suddenly became gorgeous.

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