Song of Leng Yuehua

The little nurse smiled and handed over the list in her hand. That smile is quite some happy worship feeling, but now the field basket simply has no time to take into account, otherwise must take Su Ran to open the brush.

Tian Xuan screamed, the girl's nature is afraid of these insects, under the panic, even Changchun Ling almost lost control, stumbling in midair. Back! She hurriedly waved her hand, and Changchun Ling turned around in midair and hurried back to her. Her action, originally did not notice this side of the Xuanfeng also found her existence, buzzing, a group of dark pressure to the crowd straight over. Xuanfeng belongs to earth and has fire. It has the best effect to deal with the magic of water and wood. Xie Dongyi said succinctly. Several people hurried into action, congealing ice, wood leaf whip and other techniques, countless silver, green spots of light burst out to the swarm. However, there are too many opponents, and they can only surround themselves with swordsmanship, and fight and retreat. Xie Dongyi and Chu Hong are skillful in swordsmanship. Li Yue and Chen yuan both have swords to protect themselves. Although there are many bees, they can't do anything about them for a while. The danger is Luo Haocheng and Tian Xuan, especially Tian Xuan. Although they have Changchun silk to protect themselves, at least half of the attacking Xuanfeng are gathered on her side. In a short time,brushed stainless steel sheet, they are in danger. They are supported by Xie Dongyi and Chu Hong from time to time. But there are more and more Xuan bees, and they can't be killed at all. Several people were already weak in their hands and feet in a short time, and if they went on like this, sooner or later they would not be able to support themselves. It's almost noon. The miasma will evaporate. We can't stay long. Chen yuan and Luo Haocheng stood together back to back, while brandishing a sword to cut and fly a few attacking Xuan bees, while reminding him. Behind There is a pool behind the hill, Xuanfeng. Fear of water,304 stainless steel wire, we can hide in there first. Luo Haocheng said breathlessly. In order to have a smooth journey, he studied the terrain along the way in detail. Several people are in high spirits, while carefully slashing Xuanfeng, while moving in the direction of Luo Haocheng. Bypassing the top of the hill, I saw a pool of water. The surging river flowed through the high rock and converged in front of the mountain wall. The water was clear and cool. Chapter 22 revisiting the old haunt "Danyan, you and Tian Xuan enter first!" Xie Dongyi shouted. Li Yue hesitated for a moment, while Tian Xuan had retreated to the edge of the pool. Surrounded by the most bees, both psychologically and physically, she was on the verge of collapse. When she finally saw the water, she couldn't wait to jump in. With a splash, Tian Xuan disappeared to the bottom of the lake. The lost swarm of bees circled and roared around the place where she fell into the water and refused to disperse. He Danyan, hurry up! While brandishing his sword against the swarm, Chen yuan from behind also urged. Seeing that staying on the shore could not help, Li Yue turned around and was about to jump into the water when the lake suddenly turned over and splashed, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, and it was Tian Xuan who floated up again, struggling to beat the water with her hands and feet. Looking at her strange movements, Li Yue's heart sank, can't she swim? But with her cultivation, even if she is not water-based, she can always hold her breath in the water for a while, right? As soon as the bees saw her head, they swarmed up. Tian Xuan, however, couldn't care less. "There's something dragging me under the water," she screamed! There's something.. As she shouted, she waved her arms and struggled to reach the shore. While waving his sword to fend off Xuanfeng, Li Yue rushed forward, took her hand, and was about to exert himself, but suddenly felt a huge force coming. Caught off guard, even she herself was pulled into the lake. Behind him came several exclamations: "He Danyan!" Even though it was already midsummer, the lake water in the mountains was still cold, and the whole body was covered by the cold lake water. Li Yue shivered. As soon as she entered the water, she felt a huge force coming from below, pulling her down abruptly. She stretched her hands and feet, trying to swim up, but the suction was like an invisible rope, binding her hands and feet firmly. She managed to look down. There are no strange fish or wild animals in the turbulent whirlpool. Where does this great power come from? Because of the impact of the current. Tian Xuan was also separated from her. Just being pulled by the current. Push and shove. Li Yue fell into the depths of the pool in a daze. I don't know how long it's been. After the giddy feeling disappears. She finally came to her senses. Turn around and look. Only to find myself on a flat ground. Or in a cave. It is surrounded by dark and smooth stone walls. With a trace of coolness. I've had two experiences. If Li Yue did not understand where he was at this time. That's a joke. But this is the bottom of the lake, right? Li Yue raised his head. There is a pool of blue water. It's like an invisible layer of glass. Keep the water out. A faint halo of light refracted through the lake. From time to time, it swayed with the water waves. Is there a passage under the lake?! These secret passages. Was it man-made at that time. Or is it natural? Looking around, it seems that I am the only one who falls down. Concerned about the war situation above. Not daring to delay, Li Yue jumped up and wanted to go back to the lake. Can hit the surface of the water, unexpectedly like hit a layer of sponge, soft force came, she bounced back. I can't get out! What's wrong? Li Yue tried several times, even Cangming sword was used, but the invisible wall above could not be broken through, it not only blocked the flow of water. It also blocks the passage of people. But how did you just get in? Can this layer of protection only enter in one direction? Xie Dongyi they are no match for Xuanfeng, will certainly jump into the water, so long has passed, but no one has come down? I do not know how the companions now, Li Yue is burning with anxiety, but also can not think. He went round and round in the cave, but no one came down. She gritted her teeth and simply walked along the passage. I've been here more than once. Li Yue can be called familiar with the road. I don't know how long I walked along the passage, and a feeling of weightlessness and dizziness came over me. In a flash, Li Yue found herself in a grand and far-reaching hall. Sure enough, it's a treasure house! Seeing this familiar scene again,mirror stainless steel sheet, Li Yue had no shock for the first time. Following the method in his memory, he approached the center of the hall. In a short while, Baoding was shining and light and rain came. Countless viaducts appeared around her like phantoms. The shelves are colorful. The circulation of Baoguang is the accumulation of Tianyuan Zong for thousands of years.

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