Nine days of Lingwu

"Of course, can father and mother still be fake?" Liu Qianer looked back at the purple smoke frankly, and her eyes were full of righteous indignation. Purple smoke took one last look at Liu Qianer and turned away.

Han Fei wiped the blood from his face, shook his head and said with a smile, "It's all right.". It's just a little injury. Just give me a rest! Wait a minute. The healer in my regiment is in the rear. I'll send someone to bring him here right away! Said Caitlin. The battle against the Blood Wolves actually came to an end, with the death of Blood Soul and most of the werewolf warriors and samurai. The Fire Rose Mercenary Regiment met little decent resistance in its next move. When the fire in Taniguchi was almost extinguished, a large group of soldiers entered the valley under the cover of the samurai, and Han Fei, who had been treated by the mage and self-healed, recovered most of his injuries. Also with the team to take part in the mop-up action, not to see the death of the blood wolf clan, his heart is not happy. At least more than half of the wooden houses in the valley were burned down, and many wolves were directly buried in the fire. The mercenary soldiers carefully pulled the rope from room to room, and never let a fish slip through the net. Among them, they found nearly two hundred drunk and unconscious werewolves, including many tough warriors, who became the dead souls of the mercenary soldiers in a muddle. From time to time, small werewolves with short spears and small axes rushed out from a corner to attack the mercenary soldiers. For these bloodthirsty wolf cubs, the mercenary soldiers did not show any mercy and sent them back to their parents with weapons. After searching the whole valley, it was getting dark. At the signal of Han Fei,endless pool swim spa, the soldiers set fire to all the remaining houses. Flames once again lit up the valley, so that all the ugliness to the ashes. The first more to send, for all kinds of votes to support! Chapter 95 territory trouble. The bright moon hung high in the blue sky, and the clear moonlight shone like water on Senhang's sorrow. Under the cover of darkness, the howling forest showed a different kind of tranquility, only the wind blowing from a distance brought the low howl of unknown beasts. The address of this site has been changed to: Liao Lian Ao Peng Liao Embed,4 person jacuzzi, please log in and read. On the grass outside the valley, a makeshift wooden platform was burning, and the flames engulfed the bodies on it. The soldiers and warriors of the Fire Rose Mercenary Regiment gathered around to see their comrades off. In this battle against the Blood Wolf tribe, although the Fire Rose Mercenary Regiment was well prepared and had an absolute advantage, three warriors and seven warriors were killed. The desolate song is gone with the wind, and the ashes of all the dead will be given to their families or friends along with the pension. As a mercenary soldier, he lived by war and died by war. Being able to live long enough to retire is a rather extravagant wish, so they rejoice while they are alive. Tents were erected on the edge of a small lake in the forest, and the mercenary soldiers who had bid farewell to the dead set up bonfires and sat around in small groups, chatting while cooking food. The atmosphere in the camp gradually became lively. At this moment, they are fully entitled to enjoy the joy of victory. Hanfei, Caitlin, Carol and several senior members of the mercenary regiment shared the bonfire and food, best whirlpool tub ,whirlpool hot tub, and the servants of the mercenary regiment roasted the delicious beef for them. Although Caitlin is a beautiful woman, she eats meat no worse than an ordinary man. After eating a large piece of beef ribs in her hand, she throws the bone away. He licked his lips and said to Han Fei, "Han Fei, we have decided to agree to your request to move the station to Hewan Town.". And promise that it will not change in twenty years! "That would be great.". Han Fei laughed, this is exactly what he hoped, immediately picked up his epee and handed it to the other side: "Now, it belongs to you.". Caitlin unceremoniously took the epee and said, "We still have a few conditions. I hope you can agree." "First, we hope that when you recruit the territorial guard, you can give priority to the soldiers and warriors who want to retire in our regiment, secondly, we hope that you can allocate some fields to the families of the regiment to cultivate, and finally, we hope to be able to enjoy some tax concessions for the shops opened in your territory!" "No problem!" Han Fei agreed to come down, because Caitlin's three conditions are closely related to the long-term stay of the mercenary regiment, through which the two sides can actually be more closely integrated. "Before the New Year's celebration, we will move to River Bay Town, so you should be prepared in advance.". Caitlin held out her fist to Han Fei. It's just winter now, and there's still a month to go before the New Year's celebration. Han Fei nodded and also stretched out his fist and touched Caitlin, representing that the agreement between them will not change. Two people at this time, who do not know what kind of change the agreement at this moment will bring to the future! The next morning, the fire rose mercenary regiment broke camp and left. After a night of breathing luck, Han Fei's internal injuries were basically healed, and he returned to Xishui City with the mercenary regiment in the evening. Because Han Weier took the elder Ibrahimovic and others to return early. Han Mutian and other people understand the ins and outs of the matter, this day are worried, to see Han Fei and Carol safely back home is completely relieved. Han Mutian was a little annoyed that Han Fei had hidden such a big thing from himself, but he thought that his son was already a noble Lord who held one side of the territory. Decision-making has long been out of the hands of others. Besides, I don't want to worry about it. Finally, I can only shake my head helplessly in my heart. After dinner and night, Han Mutian sent a maid to call Han Fei to the study. Han Fei had just taken a bath, and when he came to the study, he found that besides his father, Kalena and his brother Han Li were all there. Compared with half a year ago, Han Li was a little fatter, and Han Fei had not had a good chat with his younger brother since he came back. Seeing him, he could not help thinking of Han Tianqing, a little fat man far away from Thain, and could not help reaching out and touching his head. In the heart but secretly some strange, do not know what his father to find their own things,hot tub manufacturers, should have nothing to do with the blood wolf tribe. After Han Fei sat down, Han Mutian and Kalena looked at each other. Han Mutian coughed and asked, "Feier.". How are you going to arrange for the rescued Elder Ibrahimovic and the clansmen? Weier mentioned it to me. I still want to hear your opinion. 。

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