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"Of course, can father and mother still be fake?" Liu Qianer looked back at the purple smoke frankly, and her eyes were full of righteous indignation. Purple smoke took one last look at Liu Qianer and turned away.

She stayed in a small mountain village in the Izumo Empire for a year after she left the Empire. There, she lived in the home of two childless old people. The two old people saw her lovely and kind, so they asked her to live in the small mountain village and treated her as their own child. The people in the village also treated her as their family. That year, she was very happy. She was displaced from the town. Apart from having a truly unforgettable friendship with Xiao Yan in Qingshan Town, she did not enjoy this kind of happiness that warms people's hearts. She cherishes this feeling very much and vows to protect it several times. However, the outbreak of the poisonous body is another thing. All of these have changed. First, two old people who treated her like a woman died in the most painful way in front of her because they touched her body. Although the two old people looked at her kindly and gently when they were dying, it was this kind of look that really broke his heart. After Erlao died, some people in the village died painfully because of her. In the end, she finally dragged her tired body and left with Erlao's body under the disgust and fear of the villagers. She buried the bodies of the two elders and knelt down in front of their graves until she fell into a coma. When she woke up again, her hair was already snow-white. Touching the somewhat frightening white hair, she finally understood that she was a disaster star, a disaster star that brought disaster to the people around her! In that case What's the use of kindness? People who are treated kindly Is it kind or cruel to see him die in the most painful way? After thinking through this, from then on, the kind-hearted little doctor fairy began to be in the heart of Indonesia, and was released, is the cold and heartless day poison woman! Looking at the changeable look on the cheeks of the little doctor, he knew that there should be a lot of things happening to him over the years, and these things may be the root of changing him. In the heart a dark sigh, inflammation in the heart is also like a mess, he knows, since as a poison body,outdoor spa manufacturers, that is to say, the little doctor fairy in this life will not be spent in stability, poison body, will continue to torture himself and the people around him. Puff! In the heart of inflammation, he sighed lightly, but behind him, there was a sudden sound of blood spurting, and when he turned his head,jacuzzi suppliers, he saw that Medusa's face suddenly turned pale. What's the matter? He quickly turned around and asked in amazement. His blood is poisonous! Medusa's cheeks flashed a touch of pain, and immediately clenched her silver teeth, urging the fighting spirit in her body, desperately expelling the venom that was destroying her body everywhere. Hearing this, Xiao Yan's face changed and he turned his head and glared at the little doctor. Poisonous body, who touches who is unlucky, this is his own fault, "the little doctor fairy ignored the eyes of anti-inflammatory, eyes cold looking at Medusa, way." Just a little venom, they want to make the king yield, even before the poison, the king can take your life! Medusa's eyes were suddenly cold, and she said. Then try it? The grey and purple eyes of the little doctor also burst out cold, and he did not give in at all. Enough, see two people are going to fight again, outdoor endless pool ,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, immediately roar of great anger. The roar of anti-inflammation also made the two of them quiet. Seeing this, he looked up at the little doctor and said in a deep voice, "The little doctor was in the small valley.". I have told you that no matter whether you come to that point or not, I am still your friend, this sentence, even now, is the same! "I've forgotten what happened in those years," the little doctor said in a cold voice. If you forget the words, then you will attack me. Anti-inflammatory sneer at a way, then unexpectedly the edge is directly defenceless straight to the small doctor fairy to walk. Be careful! "Seeing Xiao Yan's action, Medusa hurriedly said that the woman was full of poison, and even she was in trouble.". Xiao Yan waved her hand, indicating that she need not worry, but her footsteps never stopped. Seeing Xiao Yan coming step by step, the little doctor's face changed slightly, and his eyes flashed with the color of struggle. Stopping in front of Xiaoxian, Xiao Yan looked at the gray and purple eyes with slightly drooping eyes and the pale cheeks, and sighed lightly, "You have not forgotten that the poisonous body of distress is not an insoluble thing, and you don't need to be so desperate at all." "Easy to say!" The little doctor's mouth reveals a touch of sadness. She knows better than anyone else about the terror of the poisonous body. Seeing this, Xiao Yan frowned, then stretched out his palm and tried to touch the pale cheek of the little doctor Kuang. But the latter was alert and hurried back a few steps. "Do you want to die?" He snapped. "I just want you to know that although it's weird, it's not killing whoever you want, so you don't have to give up on yourself like that. Besides, you're no longer the ignorant girl in those days, and I'm no longer the little fighter who was chased by a small mercenary regiment and fled in confusion." Xiao Yan smiled, his footsteps slipped, and he appeared beside the latter, his palm moved, and he directly grabbed the little doctor's arm. When his arm was caught, the little doctor was startled. He hurried to break free and said angrily, "What on earth are you going to do?"? Xiao Yan smiled, raised his palm, at the moment, the palm has become black up, its heart moved, the heart fire of the glass lotus suddenly burst out, and with the rise of the flame, the black color is also quickly faded away, in a twinkling of an eye, the palm is restored as before, with the heart fire of the glass lotus to protect his body, if not the kind of poisonous super poison, otherwise. Most of them will be purified by Liu Linlian's heart fire. The palm of his hand shook at the stunned little doctor. Xiao Yan's face was gradually heavy. He said slowly, "If you still regard me as a friend, don't continue to make mistakes. If you do this, it will only accelerate the outbreak of the poisonous body. Once it breaks out completely, I'm afraid that within a thousand miles, there will be no man or beast. At that time,Chinese spa manufacturer, it will be too late." "Even if you can block the poison of the poison body, it is impossible to crack it." The little doctor shook her head slightly and said bitterly. She had searched a lot of information over the years, but she still hadn't got any news that could crack the poison.

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