Enchanting and drunk

"Of course, can father and mother still be fake?" Liu Qianer looked back at the purple smoke frankly, and her eyes were full of righteous indignation. Purple smoke took one last look at Liu Qianer and turned away.

Am I so bad.. It turned out that when Yunyu was patrolling last night, he found that the horse was lost, and immediately thought that I might have done it. I hurried to my tent, and sure enough, a maid was lying trembling on my bed pretending to be me. Yunyu was so worried that she immediately took a group of good soldiers to the grassland to look for me. It wasn't long before I found the filly I had taken along. I also saw.. Two people rolling on the prairie. The intense entanglement stung Yunyu's eyes. It also broke his heart. At a glance, I saw the bright yellow dress, which was what I wore during the day. Yun Yu's eyes were so red that she wanted to catch me back, but she was besieged by the masters of the sea country who were ambushed around her. The two sides opened their arms and had a fight, and neither of them took advantage of it. But obviously, we are not confident enough. After all, I snuck out first. One of the leaders also put on a show with Yunyu, saying arrogantly that the two princes were having a secret talk with Princess Zuiyi, and then pointed to us who were entangled in the distance, with an inscrutable bad smile on his face. Yunyu almost split the leader with a sword, but fortunately he was stopped by his men desperately. If I had known that the people of the sea country had been following the wedding team, I never thought such a thing would happen. He thought.. Thought I was sneaking off on a date with a beauty and rolling in the grass. No wonder Yunyu's face is so bad today. Ya quite Yunyu, no brain ah, am I such a person who is not firm? I can't even get my hands on you. Can I mess with that leprechaun who is up to no good? I don't think I have enough emotional debt on my ass, do I? Annoyed, he hammered the table with a thump. The guard was so frightened that he kept kowtowing and shouting for his life. I black line,whirlpool hot tub, waved him out quickly. It seems that I have to clarify, admit mistakes, and maybe comfort someone's injured little heart. Oh, how can I meet such a group of people. The author has something to say: This little prince is the catalyst for the drunken … … Quack, quack. The love between horses and horses I left a little late today, and I was sleepy again. Yunyu didn't know where he had gone. I asked someone to call him over, but I couldn't find him anywhere. I can't. I have to lie down and sleep. Until the evening, also did not see the shadow of Yunyu,Whirlpool bathtub, Ya quite hide from me! I was so angry that I threw the bowl and ran out with my skirt. Sure enough, Yunyu's BMW was not in the camp. I grabbed a bodyguard and asked, "Where is General Yun?"? If you tell me you don't know, wipe your neck yourself! The bodyguard had no choice but to tell me that General Yun had been commanding in front of the wedding team today, and there was nothing unusual, but he rode out after the battalion commander in the evening, and he hasn't come back yet. I want to jump and curse. This guy is brainless. He must have gone to settle accounts with the people of the sea country. Why doesn't the child let me save my mind! I took the filly and prepared to go out to find Yunyu. As a result, a group of people pulled my legs and cried, saying that General Yun had issued a military order that if I took a step out of the camp, all the military law would be dealt with. Shaking my head, I mounted my horse and headed for the door. Those people cried for me to come back, and those guys, one by one, were better than Meng Jiangnu. I turned to them and said, hot tub spa manufacturers ,China spa factory, "It's all right. I'll take one hundred and one thousand steps out of the camp. I'll never take one step out of the camp." Then I whipped the filly and ran away. The sun finally dipped below the horizon. I ran around on the dark grassland. Perhaps the filly and Yunyu's big BMW were on the same wavelength. As they ran, they looked at the two shadows. I fixed my eyes on them. Oh, this is Yunyu and his BMW. He rushed over and saw Yunyu drunk and playing with his horse. I saw Yunyu hugging the horse's neck, Baba's kiss, humming, "Let you think of someone else." I'll kiss you to death. Then there was a loud kiss and a lot of saliva. Really, it's very loud, like a horse's nose. I was stunned. This, this, this, how could Yunyu still have an affair with his horse? Yunyu grabbed the horse's mane and gnawed and bit it on the neck of the man, so happy that he did not want to go back home. The horse was so miserable that it was the object of his master's lust, and the hair on his neck was turned over. Yunyu shook the horse's neck, giggling and giggling, "you know you're obedient." You know? Come here Don't look for anyone else. Ha ha ha Give me a touch.. Feel if you hear. With these words, he clung to the horse on all fours. Creep. I Horse Seeing that Yunyu and the horse were becoming more and more unsuitable for children, I quickly ran over and pulled them away. Ya Tingyunyu, you can't settle for second best if you can't get comfort with me here. This horse is too inferior, and it is a male. Moreover, the love between man and beast is not allowed by heaven and earth! My little arm of justice stood between Yunyu and Ma. My little chest of justice is also attached to Yunyu. What, I can't get on the horse? As a result, I was so drunk that I didn't know what I was doing and didn't care about me at all. The drunken man, Hem, pushed hard, and I immediately sat down on the ground. The drunken man's hands were very strong, and Yunyu was practicing martial arts. That threw me, and my waist was almost broken. I sit on the ground to pour gas, Ya quite Yunyu, you wait for me, I will not peel your skin! But Yunyu hugged his horse and shouted at me, "You." You leprechaun.. Don't. Don't stir it up. I look around. I'm alone. Me, leprechaun? You're out of your mind. Ignoring the pain in my buttocks, I jumped up and grabbed Yunyu's ear. Without waiting for me to teach people a lesson, Yunyu raised me high with her backhand, and then. Throw it far away. Throw the shot in general, throw as far as possible. You are taking part in the international competition, so hard! Now, I really can not get up, lying on the ground straight ouch. This dead Yunyu, can fall to kill me. Collapsing on the ground, I watched helplessly as one person and one horse put on a passionate drama. Yun Yu, with a red little face and breathing heavily, moved her waist and hips at random on the horse and horse, and looked very happy. 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