Heard I'm a wife-gnawing clan [wear quickly]

"Of course, can father and mother still be fake?" Liu Qianer looked back at the purple smoke frankly, and her eyes were full of righteous indignation. Purple smoke took one last look at Liu Qianer and turned away.

Luo mother did not know that her eldest daughter is the youngest daughter step by step to a desperate situation, the original owner was boycotted by the whole school teachers and students, the school formally expelled him. Luo Song lost his soul and did not understand why his brother-in-law was like this and why he was not with her. She could also raise her brother-in-law like her sister. Gu Xuan has always liked Luo Song, see the beloved girl trance, haggard appearance, that all this is the fault of the original owner. His mother is the deputy director of the Bureau of Education, Gu Xuan with his mother's connections, it is easy to let Chu Chen in the education sector to become everyone shouting to beat stray dogs, since then, Chu Chen's reputation in the city completely smelly, the media do not know where to get his news, competing to report, exaggerate, eye-catching, the original owner completely driven to a desperate situation. If the little fat pig didn't lie to him, Luo Song would end up with Gu Xuan in his previous life. Chu Chen raised a playful smile at the corners of his mouth and looked forward to the farce staged by the two. Teacher Chu? Song Qi stood beside Chu Chen with a book in her arms. She hadn't seen the teacher smile for a long time. The teacher's wife must be in good health. What's the matter? Chu Chen resumed his serious expression, but his expression was soft. The students at the bottom winked and encouraged Song Qi to go up! Chu Chen raised his head lazily, and the students below pretended to read and do exercises. Teacher An said that if you solve this problem, he will take us to eat KFC outside the school at noon. Song Qi said with courage that Mr. An bragged about how good he was when he was in college. They were talkative and said that Mr. Chu was also very good and could do everything. An teacher is not convinced, found a particularly rare problem, and they bet, Chu teacher will not. Why should I seek benefits for you? I have no benefits. Chu Chen was too lazy to move and did not attend class. He thought it was a waste of energy to speak. The students did not expect Mr. Chu to say such a thing,endless swim spa, the spirit of selfless dedication! Teacher, if you can solve this problem, we must get the first grade in the monthly history exam. "You are the first in the college entrance examination, which is your real ability." Chu Chen took the book and read it again page by page. "I haven't read a math book for many years, and I've forgotten something." Chu Chen quickly browsed the whole book and glanced at the case. "Science math book?" The students blushed and knew that Mr. Chu was a liberal arts student and could not do science math problems, so they dared to bet. This group of boys, together with the math teacher to play with him, Chu Chen picked up chalk,jacuzzi manufacturers, a few minutes to write two answers, "remember the first grade." The math class representative ran to the office to find Mr. An, fearing that Mr. Chu would write the answers casually and fool them. Teacher An circled around Chu Chen a few times, "Teacher Chu, it's hidden!" He has always believed that liberal arts students choose liberal arts because their brains are not enough. Set the formula in the book. Chu Chen shrugged and said, "Teacher An, remember to put more money in the wallet." Teacher An wanted to muddle through, and was finally mercilessly suppressed by his classmates. The students must have a big meal. They were killed by Mr. An. They were the first in the history grade. They are still dreaming. When Mr. An returned to the office, he was determined not to say that he had been cheated by himself. He was angry that a thousand yuan was gone. He went back and explained to his daughter-in-law how to allocate funds. Alas, I, who have lost my math book for several years, can solve the answer by reading the formula several times. Chu Chen propped up his chin and looked at the student with a sad face. "Is math so difficult?"? There are only three students who get more than one hundred points in your class. At that time, if my math score was less than 140 points, I couldn't sleep or eat well. It was a shame! Chu Chen also has an arm, "Hey, indoor endless pool ,garden jacuzzi tub, multiple choice questions, filling in the blanks are allowed to make one mistake at most, losing points are all simplified steps, write the answer directly, obviously can write the answer directly, the teacher must let me write the steps superfluously." The students vomited blood directly. Teacher Chu was really not a person. When they wrote multiple choice questions, they had to be confused about several questions. Filling in the blanks was plus or minus one, plus or minus one half, all depending on confusion. Big questions wished they could write all the formulas on them. Maybe they could be right about one formula. Teacher, why did you choose history as your major? The students asked, the teacher is so awesome that he should have a higher pursuit. After class, Chu Chen picked up the book, "Every student in your class has been admitted to university, and the teacher will tell you the answer." Chu teacher is too unkind, the students are itching in their hearts, scratching can not scratch, love and hate Chu teacher. The students went home to complain about how cunning Mr. Chu was. Parents are secretly pleased, Chu teacher is a super scholar, the world of super scholar, ordinary people do not understand, choose a major can choose this bullish major, pure waste of talent. Chu dust returned home, the child's mother is much better, follow the doctor's advice, go to bed at nine o'clock on time, Chu dust to the living room to prepare lessons, do not disturb the mother and son sleep. At half past nine, there was a knock on the door. Chu Chen closed the book and opened the door. Do you know where Song Song went? Mother Luo pushed her son-in-law away and looked around, but did not see the figure of her youngest daughter. Other sleeping people were woken up by Mother Luo. Mom, Luo Song and Gu Xuan go to and from work together during this period. Chu Chen called Luo Song, busy tone. I, I asked my colleague for Gu Xuan's cell phone number. Don't worry. The youngest daughter and Gu Xuan together, Luo mother has the answer in her heart, see son-in-law to come to Gu Xuan's number, she put Gu Xuan's phone number into her mobile phone, "My daughter's matter, we do parents worry about, you are not allowed to follow blindly." Mother Luo warned Chu Chen when she left. Chu Chen quickly hung up the phone, "Mom, big night, a girl and a man outside, is not some." "When you first hooked up with Luo Tang to spend the night outside, why didn't you think that there was a problem with lonely men and widows living in the same room?" Mother Luo could not bear to see her son-in-law's hypocritical appearance. Her eldest daughter was blind and found a hypocrite. Luo Mu closed the door loudly and left quickly. Chu Chen prepares to send Luo Mu to go home, is pulled by Luo Tang, "you let mother oneself toss about, you follow to go, what happens, still blame on your head." Luo Tang understood his mother's meaning and acquiesced in the relationship between his sister and Gu Xuan. She had been pregnant out of wedlock behind her mother's back,endless swim pool, so there was no excuse to take care of her sister's affairs. Oh Chu Chen is still a little worried, see his wife do not want to say, he did not take care of Luo Song's affairs. monalisa.com

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