The philosophy of love

"Of course, can father and mother still be fake?" Liu Qianer looked back at the purple smoke frankly, and her eyes were full of righteous indignation. Purple smoke took one last look at Liu Qianer and turned away.

The mutual penetration of art and love is not an accidental interweaving, but an inevitable requirement of various feelings and different emotional tendencies. Love pursues the same aesthetic feeling as art and the dramatic color of feeling. On the other hand, since ancient times, the development of art, through different forms, has been reproducing love and praising its greatness and loyalty. Art always reflects people's love. One of the important objects of artistic creation and aesthetic appreciation is love. Without the eulogy of love, art will become a dead form. Weininger and some ascetics believe that any value of beauty, if there is a direct or indirect participation of sexual desire, then the value of beauty actually ceases to exist. Art, they believed, despised man's reproductive instinct and rejected the flesh, roaming only in the world of fantasy. Weininger believes that the desires of the same sex have nothing in common. Freud, however, believed that sexual desire was the main content of artistic reflection. The motive force of artistic creation is driven by the relationship between the sexes, especially the inexplicable "sublimation" of the repressed "Oedipus complex". According to Freud, artistic imagination is the ideological compensation of sexual desire, but it is not a concrete compensation. Sexual desire, which has not been realized in real life, is transformed into "sublimation" into fantasy, which promotes free artistic creation. It should be said that art is not entirely based on sex as the only theme, nor is it incompatible with the theme of sex. Men and women in love usually show great interest in art appreciation and enjoy it. In art, they see the projection of all kinds of love feelings that they strive to understand and understand. One of the tasks of art is to awaken the sleeping aesthetic feeling and stimulate the potential life intention and enthusiasm. Couples will feel and realize that art inspires their heartfelt feelings and gives them great inner strength. It is for this reason that they are eager to share the emotional power of works of art and fully experience its beautiful atmosphere. Art makes human relations more elegant, "moderates" or purifies the impulses that stimulate lust, and ennobles human physical desires and impulses with the help of imagination. According to Hegel, the yearning and expectation for art and the aesthetic fiction created by imagination embody the ideal of human beings,whirlpool bathtub, which is the resistance and negation of the mediocre and dull "plain reality". It allows couples to communicate their feelings, thoughts and feelings in an "elegant way". The world of art is a special world that shows the nature of people who are refreshed. Art can objectively and delicately transform people's feelings, desires and enthusiasm in the form of works, so that the unrestrained impulse can be expressed as the imagination of galloping, and the instinct of recklessness can be relaxed. Under the urging of art, people control their inner primitive impulse in an aesthetic way. Vygotsky is right to say that the power of "artistic emotion" is extraordinary, and that this emotion will never make the mind depressed and shocked. On the contrary, art sets up a unique barrier in people's consciousness. Turn wild and blind carnal desire into "intelligent emotion" and obtain "bright and noble sense of relaxation", that is, emotional enjoyment. Art flexibly embodies values and norms in an artistic way. It is incompatible with rigid, rigid and dull moral preaching, although it does embody the important content of morality. The function of art in this respect is magical. Men and women who love each other are often looking at works of art, while their brains are trying to create artistic images according to their own understanding. Lovers understand the value of art and pursue it in realization. Appreciating and feeling its "created beauty" (listening to music, endless swimming pool ,outdoor whirlpool tub, watching paintings, reading literary and artistic works, etc.), they connect certain aesthetic values with real life, not only experience beauty, but also transform life. Make their own rational interpretation of them. At the same time, they can also be the main body of artistic creation (dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, writing poems, etc.). Chapter 2 Aesthetics of Both Sexes-2 The Art Form of Love Aesthetics History shows that in primitive society, various forms of dance were naturally produced: hunting dance, labor dance, religious dance, battle dance and so on, which reflect the beauty of the rhythm of human life. Studies have shown that rhythm is the regular feeling of all human life activities to the outside world. Therefore, the continuous development of rhythm has gained the value of promoting love relationship from an aesthetic point of view in a certain environment. Lucian's Eros advised Zeus: "If you want to be loved, you'd better not wave your shield.." Instead, make as many pleasant gestures as possible, wear crimson gowns and golden sandals, and take graceful steps to the accompaniment of fifes and tambourines. In the period of primitive man's mate selection, dance is the continuation and improvement of animal "flirtation". It is particularly noteworthy that this beautiful and instinctive "flirtation" of human beings has been aesthetically imitated in many primitive erotic dances. Love dance endows sexual choice with elegant performance demeanor, which has strong temptation and vitality. The struggle of the excited rival is well tempered in the dance of love, turning it into a symbolic performance, a game, a profound source of aesthetic enjoyment. Dance art is constantly developing, it is more and more exquisite, and it is indeed the wealth of spiritual culture. In the primitive society and the slave society, the dance is full of pornographic marks, the primitive crowd is naked, and there is almost no sense of shame, people express their desires more directly. In ancient India, the maidens of the temple danced their own "love dance", often dancing to the praise of the masses of believers. They added many graceful and elegant gestures to the rhythm of art dominated by religion. Their dance has its own aesthetic tradition, which has been followed for a long time. But the rigor of the action was not well maintained. Like many other oriental dances, their dance also has a certain degree of pornography. In the temples of Aphrodite, Dionis, Artemis, and so on, the dance of the priestesses of ancient Greece had a great aesthetic influence. This delicate plastic art, under their guidance, is more perfect than other ancient dancers,hot tub wholesale, adding light and soft dancing posture and more space for free imagination. The shapes of the dancers are impeccable, and their movements are extremely charming, giving people great aesthetic enjoyment.

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