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The ancient words of the founding of the legend of the Holy Grail rang in his ears: You don't have to look for the Grail. The Grail will come to you. Incredibly, tonight, the secret of the Holy Grail entered his own home.

The man in front of him suddenly chuckled, sat freely on the sofa, and pulled Yu Mu to his side. And his arm was on the sofa behind Yu Mu, looking from behind as if he were holding Yu Mu. I don't mind you. Fu Yun clasped her finger. Yu Mu's fingers are very beautiful, slender and white. The nails were trimmed neatly, and there were white crescents on them. When I touched her finger pulp, it was soft and glutinous, and the palm was soft, which was very interesting. Yu Mu pulled back his hand and said calmly, "I dislike myself." She got up and pretended not to see Fu Yun's ugly face. "I'm going to take a shower. Remember to close the door for me when I leave." The author has something to say: Fu Yun is very possessive of Yu Mu. Ahem, we Yu Mu will turn over. Fu Yun, just wait for the crematorium. Chapter 7 wait for me. Yu Mu always took a bath slowly, and after washing her hair, she squinted in the bathtub for a while. It was an hour later when I came out. Just in time to eat. But why hasn't the man in the living room left yet? Yu Mu glanced at him, pulled the towel on his shoulder and wiped it casually. "It's already seven o'clock." The meaning of driving guests is very obvious. It's just a pity that Fu Yun just raised his eyebrows and held a mobile phone between his slender fingers. Eyes rather inscrutable, so looking at Yu Mu. There was a bad feeling coming up, and Yu Mu quickly picked up his cell phone. Sure enough, she was once again on the hot search. # Yu Mu signed with Dihua # Dihua V: Miss Yu Mu finally terminated the contract. Miss Yu Mu will get better resources in our company in the future. We look forward to your rebirth. Not only that, Fu Yun's microblog, which seemed to be dead, even forwarded the statement issued by Dihua in a rare sight. Although he didn't say a word,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, it was enough to surge a wave on Weibo. Dihua, on the other hand, indicated that it was they who sincerely invited Yu Mu. However, there is no need to say this directly. Dihua Company has a great reputation in the whole country, and what they sign is always strength. The entertainment company under their name has produced many movie kings and movie queens. In contrast, Dihua's resources are the best in the country. That is to say, as long as you sign the contract with Dihua. Even if you can't be a big hit, you can have a good eye in front of the audience. Even some of the rich second generation want to rely on connections to send their sons and daughters to Dihua. Unfortunately,cordierite c520, Fu Yun has never been short of money. Of course, there is no need to give them face. Over time, Dihua has become the company that all stars yearn for. What the fuck What the hell is this! Did Yu Mu sign a contract with Dihua? Feelings is to find a good home? "Upstairs, to be honest, I also understand the signature of Dihua. Without any strength, we don't even look at General Manger Fu, okay?" Wait, why do I feel like things are a little reversed? I believe in Dihua Company, so did Yu Mu do those things? I'm sure I didn't do it. General Manger Fu is so accurate that he has forwarded it personally. I think Yu Mu is very popular. Shit, don't talk to me! My male God hasn't sent a micro-blog for two years, and this time he actually forwarded a micro-blog welcoming Yu Mu. “…… I think something's wrong, too. "Ah, hello!"! Don't think too much, just welcome! God Fu is ours! But an hour later, Ceramic Bobbin ,ceramic bobbin heater, the commentary changed the wind completely. It has to be said that although Fu Yun has just returned to China, his influence in China is not small before. Rich and handsome, she has become the dream lover of countless girls. In addition, he is abroad all the year round, full of mystery, and countless girls are clamoring to marry him. Yu Mu looked at Fu Yun with a complicated expression, "thank you." Fu Yun tapped the desktop, black eyes dizzy, "Yu Mu, I helped you so many times, a thank you to send me away?" Yu Mu smiled shallowly and smoothed his hair. "Fu Yun, I don't sell myself, or I'll cook a meal for you." Busking does not sell oneself. Fu Yun some displeasure, thick ink gradually dyed eyes, the original unfathomable eyes appear more and more profound. Long arm back, cold eyebrows slightly raised, Fu Yun waved to her, "come here." Yu Mu hesitated for two seconds and walked over. Fu Yun is sitting at the moment, and she is standing. Obviously there is a high gap, but Yu Mu still feels that the man in front of him is extremely dangerous. As if she could stand up and swallow her in the next second. "Sit on the carpet while I wipe your hair." Fu Yun squints, extremely does not like such height. Simply pull directly, protect Yu Mu at the same time, let her sit firmly on the carpet, back to him. Yu Mu was a little unnatural, and his whole back was stiff. She turned her head slightly, her slightly wet hair fell on her chest, and her slender white neck loomed under the cover of her black hair, which made her more and more imaginative. Fu Yun. Listen, even the voice is so soft, soft voice. Fu Yun has never been wronged himself, slightly bent over, his hot breath fell on the neck of Yu Mu, gently smelling the fragrance of her body. It's like a large animal confirming its own territory. Yu Mu seemed to be scalded, hurriedly shrank his neck and pulled away from him for a short distance, "I'll do it myself." Then he wanted to grab the towel from Fu Yun's hand. And he seemed to have anticipated it and easily avoided her hand. Big hand hair rough cover above her black hair, Fu Yun casually combed a few times, voice cold and unique, "sit obediently." Yu Mu said nothing and looked at him in silence. Fu Yun most do not like Yu Mu to look at him with such eyes, no sorrow, no joy, the most annoying. His voice was cold and commanding. "Turn around." Yu Mu glanced at Fu Yun and sighed. He slowly rubbed Yu Mu's long hair and kept the closest distance from her. As long as you lower your head, you can kiss her on top of her head. Fortunately, it was spring and the room was still air-conditioned, so my hair was half dry in a short time. Fu Yun in the end is not in Yu Mu's home dinner, the company's phone call, he glanced at Yu Mu, lips slightly raised,ceramic bobbin element, cold and chilling, "Yu Mu, later ask you for interest." 。

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