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The ancient words of the founding of the legend of the Holy Grail rang in his ears: You don't have to look for the Grail. The Grail will come to you. Incredibly, tonight, the secret of the Holy Grail entered his own home.

As he stood there, the second explanation that Fache had told him to delay action flashed through his mind. Damage control. In law enforcement, delaying the arrest of a fugitive only occurs when the suspect's guilt is uncertain. Fache's reconsidering whether or not Langdon is the killer? That's a terrible idea. 。 If Captain Fache doesn't arrest Robert Langdon tonight, he'll be embarrassed, because he's already alerted police surveillance, Interpol, and put a wanted notice on TV. No matter how great Bezu Fache is, he cannot afford the terrible political consequences if he mistakenly displays the face of an American socialite on French television and calls him a murderer. If Fache realizes the mistake now, it makes too much sense that he asked Collet to stop the operation. Fache didn't want to see Collet burst into the private home of an innocent British citizen and point a gun at Langdon. Collet also realized that if Langdon was innocent, it would clarify one of the most paradoxical things in the case: why Sophie Neveu, the victim's granddaughter, had helped the alleged killer escape. Unless Sophie knows that Langdon was wronged. Fache offered a variety of explanations for her actions: as the sole heir of Jacques Sauniere, Sophie had her secret lover, Robert Langdon, kill Jacques Sauniere in order to get the inheritance. If Jacques Sauniere had suspected this, he would have left a message for the police: p. s. Go to Robert Langdon. But Collet always felt that there was something else about it. Sophie looks very pure and should not be involved in such a dirty deal. "Lieutenant!" A policeman came running. "We found a car." Collet followed the policeman down the driveway for about fifty yards. The policeman pointed to the side of the driveway. There was a black Audi parked in the bushes,Alumina Ceramic C795, and if you didn't look carefully, you couldn't find it at all. There is a taxi license plate on the car. Collet touched the hood. It's still hot, even a little hot. "Landon must have come in this car," Collet said. Call the rental company to see if it's stolen. "Yes, officer." Another policeman waved Collet over the fence. He handed Collet a pair of night-vision binoculars and said, "Lieutenant, look over there.". The woods at the end of the driveway. Collet pointed the telescope at the hill and adjusted the tube. Slowly, those green Dongsi came into view. He first found the corner of the driveway and then slowly looked up the driveway. Finally, he fixed his vision on the grove. He was stunned by what he saw. There was an armored car covered with grass. The car turned out to be the same as the one he had released earlier at the Zurich Savings Bank. He hoped it was just some strange coincidence, Kamado bbq grill ,ceramic bobbin heater core, but he knew it was impossible. "Apparently, Langdon and Neveu escaped from the bank in this car," the policeman said. Collet said nothing. He recalled the armored car driver he had stopped at the roadblock, the Rolex watch, and his eagerness to leave. I didn't check the cargo hold. Incredibly, Collet realized that someone in the bank had lied to the police. Instead of revealing where Langdon and Sophie were hiding, they helped them escape. But who did it? And why? ? Collet suspected that this was the real reason why Fache had prevented action. 。 Maybe Fache realized that it wasn't just Langdon and Sophie who were involved in the case. If Langdon and Sophie arrived in this armored car, then who drove the Audi? A few hundred miles away, in the south of France, a Bizicraft Baron 58 was speeding north over the Tyrrhenian Sea. Although the plane was flying smoothly, Aringarosa held the airsickness bag tightly and felt that he would vomit at any moment. His telephone conversation with Paris took him by surprise. Sitting alone in the small cabin, Aringarosa kept turning the ring on his hand, trying to free himself from the overwhelming fear and despair. Everything is screwed up in Paris! Aringarosa, close your eyes. Praying for Fache to find a way to turn things around. Chapter 64 Teabing sat back on the couch and held the wooden box to his knees. Slowly admiring the delicate rose on the lid of the box. Tonight has become the strangest and most incredible night of my life. "Open the lid," Sophie said softly, standing behind Teabing against Langdon. Teabing smiled. Don't rush me. He has spent more than ten years looking for the keystone, and now he should cherish every second. He stroked the wooden lid and felt the texture of the rose pattern. "Roses," he whispered. The rose represents the Magdalene, the Holy Grail. The rose is the compass that guides the way. Teabing felt so stupid. Over the years, he has visited Catholic churches and Christian chapels in France, paying a lot of money for his special visits. He examined the arches beneath the thousands of rose panes in search of a keystone inscribed with a code. A stone key under the rose mark. Teabing pulled out the latch on the lid of the box and lifted it. When he saw what was in the box, he was sure it was a keystone. It was a cylinder made of stone, superimposed by several circular turntables engraved with letters. Unexpectedly, he felt that he was very familiar with the device. "It's based on an entry in Da Vinci's diary," Sophie said. Grandfather loved making this stuff. Of course, Teabing understood at once. He had seen sketches and later designs of the cryptex. The key clue to the search for the Holy Grail lies in this stone cylinder. Teabing gently removed the heavy cipher cylinder from the box and slowly lifted it. Although he did not know how to open it, he felt that his fate was hidden in it. When frustrated, Teabing wondered if his lifelong quest would pay off. Now,Ozone generator ceramic plate, all these doubts have disappeared. The ancient words of the founding of the legend of the Holy Grail rang in his ears: You don't have to look for the Grail. The Grail will come to you. Incredibly, tonight, the secret of the Holy Grail entered his own home.

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