Long live my female emperor.

This sentence is appropriate, and I met the last person the three people wanted to see-Leena. However, as the saying goes, if we are destined to meet thousands of miles away, this sentence is also an appropriate advantage, because we also see them most want to see.

The clay Bodhisattva rolled her eyes and said coldly, "Don't compare me with the Jade Bodhisattva. It's been sealed for so long and no one has worshipped it. It's not bad to be so big. No matter how bad your Luo family is, your parents support me. The higher the Tao is, the bigger my spirit body will be." Luo Keke chuckled, "Sister Bodhisattva, can you become smaller?"? It feels a little smaller and cute. The clay Bodhisattva looked at her angrily, and the next second her body became smaller and the size of a palm flew around her. Satisfied? Luo Keke was full of smiles. I'm satisfied. Anyway, I've been following you all the time. If you have something to do, you call me. Oh, yes, I meditate and practice all the time. I'll never peep at the kiss between you and Xiahou Xinfeng. Then the clay Bodhisattva disappeared. The smile on Luo Keke's face was instantly frozen: "I said I didn't peep, otherwise how do you know I kissed me with Xiahou Xinfeng, I poof, I didn't kiss me with her!"! Ni Mei! Of course, it was the silence of the clay Bodhisattva that responded to her. This kind of thing explanation is to cover up, cover up is the fact, ah, say more useless, is to kiss me! Luo Keke's heart was so stuffy that the clay Bodhisattva ignored her and she had no choice but to withdraw her mind and look at Bai Xiaomao. The Jade Bodhisattva appeared to bless the summoned spirit, and the attack was strengthened. In a short time,stainless steel tile edging, the bull spirit was subdued. Nice work. The price of capture is high. Bai Xiaomao was so happy that he directly put the essence of the cow into the small gourd. The small gourd was a small mobile prison with powerful spells inside. It was easy to get in and difficult to get out. After the cow spirit was solved, the Jade Bodhisattva turned to look at Luo Keke in the distance and hid. Ake! Bai Xiaomao ran over with an excited face. Luo Keke couldn't help laughing. It's just a cow spirit. As for laughing like a madman? What about the 100 we agreed on? "Ha ha ha, you don't understand. There are one or two hundred stone spirits just now. That's enough. It's doubled." Luo Keke suddenly, so this is the case, the two of them, 200 is more than enough, after the number of monsters reached 100, the price doubled is 500000 a,aluminium edge trim, 100 50 million. This kind of small stone spirit can have this price, the Yin and Yang alliance is really rich and powerful! She gives the demon Dan that collects before Bai Xiaomao, ask: "How to hand in a task?" Bai Xiaomao took out her cell phone and taught her as she spoke. You have nothing to look at the alliance system, the task bar has nothing to stroll around, in case you happen to be in the city can also do it, you have Xiahou Xinfeng's ghost guard in, such a good help does not need to be white. "You take out your mobile phone first, look for the task of catching demons in a city, don't look for the wrong one, just the red urgent task released this morning, as long as it's not a targeted task." "What is the meaning of a targeted task?" Luo Keke asked as he played with it. Bai Xiaomao: "Some want what demon, what strange, the goal is clear." Luo Keke knew clearly and said awkwardly, "I've had a lot of things to do recently, stainless steel edge trim ,stainless tile trim, and I really haven't done any tasks." "Oh yes, you become a headquarters consultant seems to have any internship, that is, do not know how many tasks are rewarded to double, you do the task point, try to pick a good task to do, anyway, now there are Xiahou Xinfeng and clay Bodhisattva what are you afraid of?" Bai Xiaomao thought of something and reminded him seriously. This Luo Keke knew that he had seen in the background of his own system before that there were 100 task rewards that could be doubled. She was silent and said, "You know what?"? According to the completion of the task, there will be a special level system. If I finish 100 tasks, the system will show a level 1 consultant, and the reward for each task will increase in a certain proportion. Bai Xiaomao paused and looked at her with a bitter look on her face: "Does the headquarters still accept people?" It's so ***ing enviable. Ake, shall we form a team in the future? Luo Ke Ke Nu Nu mouth: "These days in a city can ah, you have any task is nearby I team with you." "You're the best." Bai Xiaomao blew a kiss directly. The headquarters clearly stipulates that any member of the office who works with the consultant of the headquarters to do the task together will have a certain bonus. As for how much Luo Keke can be added, it is not clear. Anyway, it can be added. Now it happens to be in a city, so it is good to do some tasks. Do more tasks, accumulate more experience, improve their abilities, not to mention other things, after dealing with the tree demon last night, Luo Keke thought that in fact it was not so terrible, he did not solve the other side. After receiving the task, do you exchange it according to the address above? "Yes, let me see. Fortunately, the address of our exchange is the same. Let's go and take the money." Every special task, in every city there will be a temporary exchange point, this time the task of catching demons exchange point is in the square. Uh. Some film booth. Bai Xiaomao put the two bags of demon Dan that had been packed on the table. The stall owner was a man of about thirty, wearing sunglasses and dressed very fashionably. He took the demon Dan under the table without showing any trace, looked at it, shook it a few times, and then he knew the number inside. After reporting his name, the man clicked a few times on his mobile phone. Finally, the news came from the mobile phones of Bai Xiaomao and Luo Keke at the same time. The task was completed, the reward was in the account, and 50 million and 100 merit points had been included in the background of the system. Rocco, are you the new consultant? The man moved his sunglasses and looked at Luo Keke. Luo Keke answered, "Hello." He nodded and said nothing more. Bai Xiaomao asked, "How much does it cost to stick a film here? The film of my mobile phone is a little old. Is there a blue light?" "Regular 100, Blu-ray 200." Bai Xiaomeng is astonied: "Your Ya black inn, so expensive!" The man shrugs: "Can be, so expensive won't somebody stick film, those who want is this effect." Bai Xiaomao smiled, "So that's what it means. But what's wrong with you? You have to set up a film stall." Luo Keke silently took out two pieces of Grandpa Mao and put them on the table, as well as her cell phone. She smiled and said,stainless steel edging strip, "Little brother, please, blue light." 。 jecatrims.com

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